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Drummond Industries IS NOT A BROKER We are one of the largest buyers of Power Plant, HVAC & Industrial equipment in the world. We Purchase equipment upfront in full with no excuses.

We remove or you load on our truck. This includes things like chillers, boilers, generators, industrial laundry and textile equipment, transformers, breakers, buss duct & plugs, disconnects, sub-stations, contactors, stators, and a variety of other industrial electrical and process equipment.

Email buyer@chillerbuyer.com or visit our contact us page to email our team.

Facility Decommissioning

Drummond Industries specializes in complete industrial plant and data center decommissioning, We will purchase your complete facility or one item. Our team is able to help you with your deinstallation projects when a tear-down, upgrade, or rehabilitation of your facility is in order.

Site Surveys & Consulting

For most projects, Drummond Industries suggests scheduling a site survey or consultation with one of our certified project managers to assess the existing service equipment. The purpose of these site surveys allows us to collect all the information needed regarding equipment removal and disposal, valuation, site remediation and overall project management. The site survey helps to clearly verify which items are to be moved and which items are to be retained.

Whether you need a single site survey or multiple, large data centers spanning across the country, Drummond can handle your complex needs. With well over a decade of experience, our team of professionals is one of the most experienced and respected in the industry regarding appraisal and value of used and surplus equipment. After completion of the site survey, we will work closely with you regarding time schedules, financial terms and conditions and the logistical details of your project. You gain peace-of-mind when you rely on the experience and reputation of Drummond Industries.

Chiller & Boiler Removal

We specialize & have mastered the art of removing unwanted & abandoned in place equipment, Fully Insured to over 5 Million and a expert OSHA 30 certified staff we will get the project done one time and done correctly.

Equipment Sales

Looking to purchase industrial equipment like chillers, generators, electrical panels, battery systems, and other industrial power and HVAC equipment? Let us know. We proudly warehouse one of the largest collections of used industrial equipment in the United States.

A/C Refrigerant Recovery & Purchasing

Drummond Industries offers a lineup of EPA certified refrigerant reclaim services. We handle on-site refrigerant recovery and A/C refrigerant reclaim services for a variety of businesses. Our clients include the HVAC, demo, and refrigeration industries. Our team works on projects both small and large. Cylinder recovery, chiller evacuations, full-site reclamation and recovery services are just a few of the things we do here at Drummond Industries.

Battery Purchasing

Drummond Industries is your one-stop partner for safely removing and recycling old batteries. We handle all aspects of the de-installation. We’ll work with your team to help ensure you understand what to expect and we take care of all the logistics with the removal and recycling of your old power backup equipment.

Our team can help you with the removal of absolyte, lead acid, wet cell, steel case, VRLA, and other battery types from a variety of manufacturers such as GNB, C&D Technologies, Exide, Deka, Unigy, APC, and CSB.

Our team recycles / re-uses all the batteries we collect and we’re proud to deploy the strictest level of standards required by the law, helping ensure your battery recovery project is both safe and eco-friendly.